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For the backside you've always wanted, without the need for surgery, schedule your appointment today.  

What to expect

The areas above and below the the buttocks are sculpted using lipo laser, lipo cavitation, wood therapy and lymphatic massage.  

Specialized suction cups of various sizes are then placed along the buttocks to correct, lift, tighten and tone the gluteus muscles.

Cups remain in place for 30-45 minutes based on the clients  level of tolerance and desired enhancement. 

While results are not that of a surgical butt lift, our clients are extremely satisfied with their results.  it is recommended that you commit to 6-8 sessions to experience maximum lift and tone of the buttocks. 

This is a 100% non-invasive and non-surgical service. Clients can return to normal activities immediately following this service.  Some clients who are prone to do so, may experience light redness and minor bruising.  This is very temporary and will quickly disappear so the results may be enjoyed.

                                      120 Mins

$200 (1 Treatment)

$650 (4 Treatments)

$1400 (8 Treatments)

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